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U-ways series dietary supplements are produced by the fifth-largest healthy food manufacturer in USA. They are research achievements through the modern biological technology and got FDA approval. U-WAYS brand has awarded the honor of Civil Trusted Brand by American Health Food Association for several years. This brand is recommended by 101 American health experts and wins a high reputation in American main stream society. The products extract the essence of nature and collect advanced biological technology. The natural part of U-ways series comes from green herbage essence and marine life without pollution. With features of complete natural, the products have high effective results.

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Health is the eternal theme of human-beings and an indispensable part of their life. However, many people suffer from sub health problems due to modern life style and fast-paced working state. The vision of Winning is to provide omnidirectional health service for different group of people with Sub Health Problems. To carry out multi-brand strategy, the company has three brands: U-ways, U.NA and SFB. With a great variety of healthy food and comprehensive functions, the three brands cover almost all the products in the domestic and overseas healthy food market. There are almost 100 kinds of products. Its products has many functions, such as improving sleep, lowering blood-lipid, improving the immunity, supplying vitamins, hairdressing, weight-reducing, anti-oxidant and etc. They are suitable for the whole family members with different age stages. Under the principle of keeping in pace with the world, Winning aims to supply high quality products and specialized service to fulfill the demand of human-beings. It is the expert in solving people sub health problems.

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